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PM5350 replacement inside the PM5000 series, comparison with PM5340 and PM5560?

1.The PM5350 got 4 DI and the PM5340 only 2 (I'm not sure if the customer needs the 4).

2.The PM5350 has a special cover on the back to isolate the cables, but  I havent found any indication of MID approval on it. Is the PM5350 MID approved? What is the purpose on the back cover?
No, it is not MID approved. the back cover is to protect the wiring cables.

3. Is there any other major diference between the PM5350 and the other 2?
They are all belong to Basic multi-function metering range. Among PM5350, PM5340 and PM5560, PM5560 has more feature and better quality than the others, and PM5561 has MID certificate.

4. In your opinion, what would be the best replacement for the PM5350?
It depands on your application, what feature are you expecting. PM5560 will be better if you need high accurate energy manegement perfomance and power quality analysis; PM5340 could be more suitable if you want to save cost and its functions could meet your need.The global Meter Selector App for iphone and Android available now for download on Google Play and Apple store, You can find the right meter by searching for features or applications. Attached is a presentation with an overview of the app.

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