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    Building Information Modelling

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed and built. At Schneider Electric we are committed to support you on and off the job by providing you direct access to our new BIM library.

    BIM files from bimobject

    • Cable Management Wibe - Cable Ladders
    • Distribution Transformers Minera - Oil distribution transformers
      Trihal - Cast Resin Dry Type
    • Emergency Lighting Exiway Power Control Exit Sign
      Exiway Power Control Luminaries
      Exiway Power Control Systems
    • Enclosures Actassi - IT racks
    • LV Switchboards Okken LV Power and MCC Switchboards up to 7300A
      Prisma LV Switchboards up to 4000A
      Prisma LV Switchboards up to 630A
      Pragma Modular Switchboard up to 160A
      Blokset - Distribution and motor control switchboard up to 6300A
    • MV Switchgear GenieEvo - Compact Modular Switchboard 3.3 - 13.8 kV
      SM6 36kV - Air-Insulated Switchgear
      RM6 - Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit
      Premset - MV Switchgear up to 17.5kV
      SM6-24 - Modular Switchboard up to 24 kV
    • Power Quality Varset - LV Capacitor Banks

    BIM files from NBS

    BIM files from Schneider Electric