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What are the separate parts required to build up star delta starters for motors 7.5kW through to 132kW suitable for mounting on DIN rail?

The table below indicates the selection of the power switching components necessary to build up a star delta starters, with mechanical interlocks between star and delta contactors, suitable for mounting on DIN rail in a suitable control panel.

For detailed information regarding the parts listed, please refer to the 'Control and protection components' catalogue 2010/2011.

In most cases, the starter can be supplied assembled (prefix LC3 ) with the overload relay supplied separately.
Overload selection is based on the motor full load current (FLC) x 0.58 due to the mounting position in the 'delta loop'.
In the case of 110 and 132 kW there is a requirement for a separate control relay and timer to ensure sufficient delay in the changeover time from star to delta contactor.

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