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How do I find the default IP address of a Twido controller?

Schneider products equipped with an Ethernet port have a default IP address which is derived from its MAC address.
For an Twido PLC, the default IP address format is where:

085.016. is a set header shared by all IP addresses derived from MAC addresses.
xxx and yyy are derived from the last two numbers of the MAC address.
These last two fields are obtained by converting the last two hexadecimal bytes from the MAC address into decimal values.

The MAC address for a Twido PLC is 00.80.F4.81.2D.70. 
The conversion of the last two bytes from the MAC address into decimal values gives:
16#70 = 10#112
16#2D = 10#45
Therefore, the default IP address for this Twido PLC is
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