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How can I set up an ATV12 for preset speeds

The first thing is to do a Factory reset and then enter all the motor details
Firstly make sure that the drive is in REMOTE Configuration i.e. the three LED’s on the left of the display are not flashing in sequence. If they are press the MODE button for 3 seconds then continue with the instructions below.

Then with the Drive powered up and the display showing: Rdy
Press the MODE button and the display changes to: rEF-
Press the MODE button again and this time the display showsNon
For the third time press the MODE button and the display showsCOnF
Press Enter (centre of wheel)
Scroll down to FULL
Scroll down to Fun-   press enter
Scroll down to PSS-  press enter
                           PS1 is equal to LSP
                           PS2 is factory default to nO set to LI1, LI2, LI3 or LI4 (set SP2)
                           PS4 is factory default to nO set to LI1, LI2, LI3 or LI4 (set SP3 and SP4)
                           PS8 is factory default to nO set to LI1, LI2, LI3 or LI4 (set SP5, SP6, SP7 and SP8)
The speed breakdown using all 8 presets is as follows:-
       LI1 high LI2, LI3 and LI4 low gives reference speed           (set in LSP)
       LI1 and LI2 high LI3 and LI4 low gives second speed        (set in SP2)
       LI1 and LI3 high LI2 and LI4 low gives third speed          (set in SP3)
       LI1, LI2 and LI3 high LI4 low gives fourth speed              (set in SP4)
       LI1 and LI4 high LI2 and LI3 low gives fifth speed            (set in SP5)
       LI1, LI2 and LI4 high and LI3 low gives sixth speed               (set in SP6)
       LI1, LI3 and LI4 high and LI2 low gives seventh speed      (set in SP7)
       LI1, LI2, LI3 and LI4 high would give eighth speed            (set in SP8)
The above assumes that none of the digital inputs are use for any other operation. If any of the inputs are used for other operations the number of preset speeds available will be reduced.  The preset speeds can be set between the values in LSP and HSP as long as it is not higher than the value of tFr
The maximum speed available is set by the value in HSP
LSP = the Low Speed set Point        the default is 0.0Hz
HSP = the High Speed set Point       the default is 50.0Hz
tFr = Maximum Frequency                the default is 60.0Hz
LSP and HSP can be programmed in the ConF menu
tFr can be set in the FULL menu under drC
The maximum frequency output available for these drives is 400Hz but should only be used on motors which are designed to run at 400Hz.
A standard motor for 50Hz operation can be run at slightly higher frequency to get a little more speed but this has a down side as the motor torque is reduced. Once you go above 87Hz the torque drops off drastically and the motor can be stalled with only a small load

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