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Double word or floating point values do not display correctly on an XBTGT, HMISTO, or HMISTU HMI.

If a double word or floating point variable from a PLC displays incorrectly on an XBTGT, HMISTO, or HMISTU HMI, it may be that the double word order is set the wrong way round.  By default, Vijeo designer sets the high byte first.  If Premium, Micro, M340, or Twido processors are used, the word order should be changed to ‘Low byte’ first.
To change this, in the Vijeo designer navigator pane, double click on the appropriate network under ‘IO manager’ and then select ‘Low byte first’ in the ‘Double word’ order options.
Build and save the project then download it to the HMI, the display should then show the double word or floating point value correctly.

Note: Please note that the XBTGT HMI is now Obsolete, the nearest replacement would be from the Magelis HMI GTO
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