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Where can I find additional XU multimode photo electric sensor set up and diagnostics information?

The XU multi mode (also known as Osiconcept , OsiSense and Osiris) photo electric sensors can be configured for 4 different modes of operation.

Multi mode operation

The 4 modes are listed below, to configure the sensor it is 'taught' using a built in push button;
Diffuse mode (direct object detection at close proximity).
Diffuse mode with back ground suppression (diffuse with BGS)
Polarised reflex (reflective type for use with prismatic type reflectors)
Through beam (operation with additional transmitter accessory)

Object teach

These sensors also have fine tuning (also referred to as object teach or second level teach) possibilities to enable detection in more difficult situations. Again, this 'teaching' is configuration using the built in push button.
Automatic normally open configuration.
Once the product is set up, the output will default to N/O. For example;
Diffuse and diffuse with BGS modes will be configured for light switching.
Reflex and through beam modes will be configured for dark switching.
The output can easily be modified to N/C if desired.
A simple diagnostic function indicates the mode the sensor is configured in.

The PDF document attached has been produced to compliment the leaflet included with the product to assist with set up and diagnostics.
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