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What is the AC3 rating of the LC1DT60A and LC1DT80A 'Everlink' TeSys D contactors?

The 4 pole versions of the 'Everlink' TeSys D contactors are designed for AC1 applications. 

Although theoretically unnecessary*, occasionally a request for a 4 pole AC3 rated contactor will be made. Due to the very small number of applications that genuinely require 4 poles and an AC3 level of performance, this capability has not been included in the specification of the LC1DT60A.. and LC1DT80A.. 'Everlink' TeSys D contactors.

In the event that an AC3 level of performance is required between 40A and 80A, the LC1D80004.. (part number to be completed according to coil voltage#) could be considered. This contactor has 4 poles and has an AC3 rating of 80A (refer to catalogue for full performance figures).

*AC3 is the utilisation category for starting 3 phase squirrel cage induction motors and consequently only 3 poles are normally necessary.
#  For coil voltage codes see FAQ number; FA135911.
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