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Are KQII split metered distribution boards supplied with incoming devices?

KQII 125A split metered distribution boards are supplied with a switch disconnector.  KQII 250A split metered distribution boards require a switch disconnector to be added.  2 x A9MEM3255 meters are included in both instances.

Incomers for 250A split metered boards.

SE160SW4SM    =   160amp  4 pole switch disconnector
SE200SW4SM    =   200amp  4 pole switch disconnector
SE250SW4SM    =   250amp  4 pole switch disconnector
SE160MCCB3LSM   =  160 TP&N MCCB
SE200MCCB3LSM   =  200 TP&N MCCB
SE250MCCB3LSM   =  250 TP&N MCCB
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