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What is a buffer module ABL8BUF24400?

When combined with one of the ABL8RPx24xx0 or ABL8WPS24x00 universal power supplies, this "buffer" module is used to limit the effect of short voltage interruptions on the power supply by storing and restoring sufficient energy for a duration of a few tens of ms up to 1 second.

More precisely, this module can deliver 40A for 100ms or 1A for 2s.

It is commonly used to power the control elements in automated installations, such as PLC CPUs.

This ensures that the application context will be saved, current values will not be reinitialised and the application will not restart at the start of the cycle.

An analysis will be necessary to determine which loads need to be powered via the buffer module and which don't, in order to ensure optimum use of these modules.

It is also possible to wire several buffer modules in parallel to increase the power supply times.

This type of operation is not guaranteed if a power supply other than an ABL8RPx24xx0 or ABL8WPS24x00 is used.

The choice of power supply depends on the nominal current to be supplied.

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