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How can I control the direction of rotation of a motor using an ATV12 / 212 range drive?

Motor rotation direction should be managed by the drive itself through its dedicated functions. It would be pointless to install reversing contactors up stream as the Input Phase Rotation has no effect on the output phase rotation. This is due to the fact the first stage of the drive is a rectifier.

On all drives apart from the ATV21 (which only has three digital input) the following will apply. In Two Wire Control (which is factory default) by supplying 24Vdc to LI1 terminal the drive is designed to run in the forward direction, to reverse this the 24Vdc is removed and then applied to LI2. On the ATV12 you would have to assign LI2 to reverse in the FUN- menu rrS = L2H.  
If the drive is to be used in the Three Wire Control then the logic input change as follows LI1 becomes STOP, LI2 is run Forward and LI3 is run Reverse all this is done internally by the drive itself the only drive that would need to be changed is the ATV12 and that is rrS = L3H
The ATV21 has three logic inputs F,R and RES none of these are set so have to programmed F is set in F111 should be set to 2 . R is set in F112 and RES is set in F113. To reverse the motor on this drive F112 would be set to 3 and F311 should be set to 0 to PERMIT FORWARD and REVERSE operation

   Terminal Layout for 2 wire on all but ATV21

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