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Why can't I transfer an application between the PC and the XBTN or XBTR terminal?

  • The objective is to import or export an application to or from one of the following types of XBT terminal: XBTN200, XBTN400, XBTR400, XBTRT500 or XBTRT511.
  • The PC is connected to the XBT terminal via the TSXCUSB485 converter and the XBTZ925(A) cable.
  • The XBTL1000 displays the message "No terminal connected",
  • or Vijeo Designer Lite displays "No terminal connected".
  • The XBT terminal does not display the message "Waiting for transfer" but shows the error message #204 "Connection in progress".

Possible solutions:
  • Disconnect the XBT-Z925(A) cable and reconnect it the other way round, as it has two cable ends which are not symmetrical.
  • The XBT terminal should then display the message "Waiting for transfer".
  • Check that the Uni-Telway driver installed on the PC is definitely assigned to the corresponding COM port on the TSXCUSB485 converter.
  • The rotary selector switch on the TSXCUSB485 cable must be set to 0 or 1.

  • The position of the "Polarisation" selector switch on the TSXCUSB485 converter is not relevant to communication.
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