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How can I automatically address a slave on an ASI bus without a pocket programmer?

It is possible to modify an ASI configuration to add a new slave without having an XZMC11 or ASITERV2 pocket programmer.
The ASI module automatic addressing service can be used to assign an address to the device which has been added.
Procedure to follow (in sequence):
  • Do not physically connect the new slave to the bus
  • Add the new slave to the ASI module configuration (one slave at a time) in a free slot
  • Transfer the configuration to the PLC, then go to the online mode
  • Check that the device appears to be configured but not detected (in red)
  • Physically connect the new slave to the ASI bus
  • In the debug screen, the device should change to "detected", and the fault should disappear
The module has given the address corresponding to the slave.
This operation should be repeated for each slave to be added to the bus, one by one. Automatic addressing is available on ASI modules in TSX Micro and TSX Premium PLCs.
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