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What is the maximum output voltage (downstream) of an ATV variable speed drive?

With the exception of three ATV11HUxxF1x and three ATV12H0xxF1 drives, Schneider Electric variable frequency drives supply an output voltage which is less than or equal to the input voltage.

For that reason it is impossible to have a voltage of 380 V downstream of a drive supplied by a 230 V line supply, whether single-phase or three-phase.
The only exceptions to this rule are the ATV11HU05F1U 0.18 kW, ATV11HU09F1U 0.37 kW ,ATV11HU18F1U 0.75 kW , ATV12H018F1,ATV12H0037F1 and ATV12H075F1 drives, which are supplied by a single-phase voltage of 100 to 120 VAC and supply an output voltage of three-phase 200 to 240 VAC

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