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How can I cable an Emergency Stop with ATV312 (or ATV31)?

The ATV312 (or ATV31) drive does not have a dedicated safety terminal recognized by the machine safety regulations.
If the machine has to be made safe it has to conform to the following regulations:
Safety of machinery EN 954-1 category 3/ BS EN 13849-1
Functional safety IEC/EN 61508-1 SIL2
it will be possible to design a specific installation based on contactors and Preventa modules.
Principles to be followed for managing contactors using the drive

The best solution in terms of safety consists of disconnecting the power as close as possible to the device to be protected, therefore downstream of the drive
How ever On-load disconnection downstream of the drive can be damaging for the power bridge of the ATV312 (ATV31) drive.

There are two possible solutions:

Disconnect the power upstream of the drive. The drive then switches to "freewheel stop" (it will no longer deliver voltage to its downstream terminals).
Used If the drive is local to the emergency stop
Disconnect the power downstream of the drive but, just before disconnection of the drive set a freewheel stop, this is done by setting an input configured for "freewheel stop", for example via a logic input LIx dependent on an emergency stop being activated. 
Used If the drive is some distance from the emergency stop.
Installing the Preventa modules
Depending on the category with which the machine to be made safe has to conform, it will be necessary to provide all or some of the usual safety functions: Tests of the inputs, redundancy of the inputs, redundancy of the outputs, synchronism, etc. with or without Preventa modules.
Each solution is specific and requires a different design each time.
The catalogues provide standard wiring schemes.
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