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What is meant by muting with safefty light curtains?

"Muting" is used to disable the light curtain for a set time in order to access objects in hazardous areas.

The light curtain must know how to differentiate between the object which normally enters the hazardous area (parts for machining, pallets) and an unwanted intrusion (tool, human hand, person).

The solution consists of using "muting" sensors on the system inputs and outputs.

Initially, the object passes in front of the input muting sensors (2 beams which it must interrupt in less than 3 seconds), the muting function is then activated.

Next, the input sensors must remain active until the output sensors become active (also in less than 3 seconds), the input sensors can then drop out.

Finally, once the output sensors are deactivated, the "muting" phase is complete and the light curtain resumes its function.

During the entire muting phase an indicator light must be on to show that the light curtain is disabled.

If this light stops working, the module must detect the fault and set the machine to safety mode.

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