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What is the diagram for the cable connecting the ATV66 to the PC?

This is an old obsolete product for which support was stopped in 2009, so although the part number is given below it is almost certainly not attainable.

The part number of the PC connection kit for an ATV66 drive is VW3A66331.
Below are the connections for the cable and the plugs but before you attempt to make this lead up please check you have the correct software, as this is now obsolete.
Wiring diagram:
male connector pin 2 <--> female connector pin 3
male connector pin 3 <--> female connector pin 2
male connector pin 5 <--> female connector pin 5
male connector pin 9 <--> female connector pin 9

On the female connector, create the following 2 links
link between pins 4 and 6
link between pins 7 and 8

Caution:  Don't forget the shielding and the ferrite cores.

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