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Why does the SR1B201BD module and ZELIO SOFT2 fail to communicate, "com error"?

This error is displayed because the software does not match the hardware used.

The ZELIO range of programmable relays, part number SR 1**, first went on sale around the year 2000. Zelio Soft 1 software was used to program this range of relays. This range has been discontinued. 

The ZELIO 2 range part numbers SR2** (compact) and SR3** (modular) replaced the old SR1 range around 2005 and is still available. Zelio Soft 2 software is used to program this range of relays. 

It is not possible to use Zelio Soft 1 programming software to program SR2** and SR3** relays, or Zelio Soft2 to program SR1 relays.
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