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How to define the part number of NSX cable in cable out MCCB?

In order to choose a stand alone MCCB with cable in cable out arrangement there are a few questions you must ask yourself

- What is the breaking capacity (kA rating) of the MCCB
- What is the current rating of the MCCB
- How many poles
- Which trip unit is required (e.g. TMD , Micrologic 2/5/6)
- What size cables are being terminated (< 250A MCCB = Maximum of 95mm2 Cable , 400/630A MCCB = Maximum of 185mm2 Cable)
  For any larger cables or multiple cables per phase there are many accesories offered in Section F of the NSX catalogue attached
- What kA rating is requried (Breaking Capacity)

TMD trip units offer Thermal and Magnetic protections, otherwise known as overload and short circuit protection - The overload is adjustable to 0.7 x In 

Up to 160A on the TMD trip units the magnetic is fixed , above this they are adjustable to 10 x In 

Micrologic trip units offer Overload and Short Circuit protection - The overload is adjustable to 0.4 x In and the Short circuit is adjustable up to 10 x In

In = nominal current rating of the device

With the above information you can select a product reference for the MCCB you need (See attached)

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