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How to define the part number of NSX current transformer?

First you need to define the type of current transformer, of which we offer two types.

- Stand alone
- Bolt on to MCCB

For more information on type one , then check the attached Acti9 catalogue in which you can find in section 7 Control and command page 98 to page 108 Ct selection for solid core and split core Ct's.

To determine the type of Ct required you will require the following information the current to be measured, cable diameter, how convenient it is to install the Ct's as on some installation's to disconnect the load side of the MCCB  may not be practical so in this case you could use split core Ct's.

Example Current Transformer (CT)

For more information on type two which is the direct connected Ct,s that fit to the NSX MCCB, the attached document Section 8 Powerpact 4 Panelboards, page 17 of the Acti9 catalogue.

Two options are available as listed below, one is with voltage references and the other is without

The factors to take into acount here are the amount of availible space in the MCCB panel, current to be measured and how many poles are required to be monitored. If this method is used then there are two types of facility that the Ct can offer see digaram below.

Selection of CT's

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