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Why we choose physical button instead of tactile screen for the Micrologic X HMI?

First element to consider is that this HMI interface correspond to a protection device (Micrologic X control unit), then all the quality and service criteria's assessment and risks to be evaluated (in particular the fact that several customers are expressed the fear to “touch” the breaker systematically for HMI purposes).

Then, the Micrologic X HMI correspond to the latest cost effective , tested validated technology (Schneider Electric brick) , with backlight color features, allowing to perform the best HMI function for protective device in the different mission profiles which is the Masterpact MTZ is installed (no need to have different display modules for different environments as some competitors are obliged to).

Due display size constraint and the mentioned customer paint point AND the different new wireless technologies incorporated (NFC,Bluetooth) allowing to use the smartphone as HMI , there was littlle to be gained by incorporating a touch screen feature at this product level.

Micrologic X HMI
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