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What type of 3G modem can my Com'X use?

What type of 3G modem can Com'X gateways use?
Product Line:
Com’X 200/210/510
Com’X 200/210/510 with 3G Modem communication 

The following 3G modems have been tested and are compatible with the Com'X 200/210/510.
For each modem, refer to the manufacturer's documentation for technical specifications and detailed installation instructions. 

Manufacturer/Model Antenna Notes 
MultiTech MTC-H5  External  Recommended
Connect to the Com'X gateway internal USB port.
This modem must be mounted to the enclosure externally.
Huawei MS2131i-8  Internal  55°C maximum operating temperature
Modem connects to internal USB port and mounts inside the Com'X gateway front door. 
MultiTech MTD-H5  Internal  Connect to the Com'X gateway internal USB port. 
Modem must be extended outside the Com'X gateway front door

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