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Why do the XY2TP safety mats fail to guarantee category 4 as per EN954-1 (associated with a PREVENTA)?

Together with XY2TP safety mats, XPSAK safety modules and XPSMP and XPSMC controllers constitute a category 3 safety device conforming to standard EN954-1/ISO13849-1.

The danger zone is defined by the dangerous movement of a machine.
The safety zone defined according to standard EN999/ISO 13855 2 consists of one or more adjacent safety mats (10 maximum for XPSAK and 30 for XPS MP/MC).

Safety mats are used to detect people moving about or objects falling with weights specified by standard EN1760-1/ISO 13856;
  • weight > 20 kg for a single mat,
  • weight > 35 kg for several mats put together.

Any movement detected on the safety mat causes immediate stopping of the dangerous movement on the machine to be made safe.
The machine will be reset manually or automatically depending on the wiring configuration of the safety module in the process.

Note: Safety mats can be used for other types of detection than in safety applications.
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