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What is the particular feature of the yellow selective shutdown button, on the two-hand control units XY2SB75 & XY2SB76?

The yellow button replaces the traditional red emergency stop button.
Its "schaltsperre" marking corresponds to "block command from press".
Yellow stop button for "Block Command from Press"
It only disconnects the power supply to the safety solenoid valve on a mechanical press with clutch brake.
It is not considered to be an emergency stop, as it does not cut the power to the inertia flywheel driving motor (motor contactor).

This selective shutdown is nonetheless considered to be an emergency stop on a press with friction clutch brake.
This product satisfies a German request which itself has come from an old local requirement applied in some countries.

This yellow button is supplied with a ''N/C + N/O''  break before make contact block.

It is not a requirement in France.
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