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UNPUBLISH: How do I remove PSE licenses from the Floating License manager which cannot be repaired or returned?

The PSE licenses within the Floating License manager have become untrusted and attempting to clean up or repair them from the Floating License Manager  is unsuccessful.

Product Line
PowerScada Expert 8.2 (PSE 8.2)

Floating License Manager

The host ID for the server has changed.  If the server is a virtual machine most likely a new MAC address has been assigned to its network card.

1. Stop "schneider" daemon via FlexNet Publisher web interface.
2. Remove all *.data & *.data_backup files from C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet (or the appropriate location). 

For example, I have schneide_0098df00_tsf.data_backup.001 schneide_8098df00_tsf.data_backup.001

Note: Make sure Windows does not hide the hidden files and folders (Windows Explorer option).
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