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Does Vijeo XD have a "Popup" panel feature?

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Vijeo XD, HMI, Magelis, HMIGTO, HMIGTU, iPC

Does Vijeo XD have a feature that is equivalent to the Popup Window or Popup Panel in Vijeo Designer?

In Vijeo XD, there is no specific feature called Popup Window or Popup Panel. However, it is possible to create a similar function using the feature set of Vijeo XD. To begin, we will need the following:

a) Create a Screen in your project.
b) Create a Content Screen in your project with ID = 1 (for example). This will contain the content of the "Popup" panel.
c) From the Toolchest, drag a "Content Display" object onto the Screen created at step a.
d) Set the Content ID of the Content Display object to 1 (or the ID you used at step b).
e) Since trigger conditions are reversed in Vijeo XD, create a converter that will invert a bool value from True to False and from False to True.
f) For the Visibility condition of the Content Display, set it to a BOOLEAN variable with the converter applied.
g) Create a switch to toggle the BOOLEAN variable created.

This procedure will help you implement a Popup Panel.
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