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Can 80A or 100A miniature circuit breakers be fitted onto the outgoing ways of the Acti9 Isobar Distribution Boards?

The Acti9 Isobar Distribution Boards outgoing ways are designed to be fitted with iC60H MCB's up to and including 63A.

MCB's rated at 80A and above are physically larger and do not fit the isobar busbar system.

However , there is a way around this

By installing a SEA9BNEX034N below the board and fitting a 80A iC120H MCB in this enclosure you can then feed from the board (via a SEA9TB1001) terminal block in to the iC120H

For single pole MCB's use 1 x SEA9TB1001 for 3 pole MCB's use 3 x SEA9TB1001
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