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What versions of Vijeo Designer are supported for SoMachine v4.x?

What versions of Vijeo Designer are supported for SoMachine v4.0, v4.1,v 4.2 and v4.3?

Product Line
SoMachine, Vijeo Designer

Configuration software on Windows PC

See the table below for supported Vijeo Designer versions on SoMachine v4.0 and above:

SoMachine Version

Vijeo Designer version that is included:

Additional Supported Vijeo Designer Service Pack

That can be installed on over original Vijeo:


v6.1 SP4





v4.1 SP1

v6.2 SP2



v6.2 SP4.1

v6.2 SP5.1


v6.2 SP4.1

v6.2 SP6.1

v4.3 Patch 2

v6.2 SP4.1

v6.2 SP6.1

Note: Any Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack version that does not end with "x.1" is not officially supported in SoMachine and is only officially supported with the Standalone version of Vijeo Designer.

If you have SoMachine v4.2 or v4.3, the Vijeo Designer Service Packs can be found in the Schneider Electric Software Update Tool launched from the Windows Start -> Programs -> Schneider Electric -> Software Update -> Software Update (shortcut icon)"
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