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Rack PDU/ATS NMC firmware compatibility


Which firmware revisions are supported in each rack PDU/ATS model?

Product Line
  • Rack ATS (AP77xx, AP44xx)
  • Rack PDU (AP78xx(B), AP79xx(B), AP8xxx)

  • All firmware versions (unless otherwise specified)


This compatibility chart has been created for reference.


Please refer to the table below.
Model Firmware app name NMC Generation
AP78xx, AP79xx rpdu NMC1
AP84xx, AP86xx, AP88xx, AP89xx, AP78xxB, AP79xxB rpdu2g NMC2
AP7701, AP7750, AP7722 ats NMC1
All other AP77xx models g2ats NMC1
AP44xx ats4g NMC2
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