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Can you provide Part M DDA compliancy?

 Part M SolutionsPart M sets out the need to provide electrical products with a contrasting colour to the surface they are mounted on. To ensure compliance with this 30 point variance, Schneider Electric has launched a range manufactured in a graphite grey colour.

Schneider Electric offers a number of socket outlets with outboard rockers and switches with wide rockers aimed for use by those with limited dexterity or sight. White rockers on a grey socket further aid the operation of the equipment, as this can ensure differentiation between the two parts of the device.

There is also an option to utilise Schneider Electric’s cable management solutions. The use of an additional coloured mounting frame, in grey or blue, is positioned behind a white socket or control switch, providing the necessary colour contrast.

Schneider Electric has also developed a new socket outlet with a simple diagonal ‘groove’ in the front plate, which provides a locator for the earth pin of any 13A plug. Once located the ‘groove’ guides the plug pins into the correct location

Download part M brochure.
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