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What information is saved by the Sepam series 80 in event of a power cut?

The information saved depends on whether or not it has a battery. If a power failure occurs, some information is only saved by the Sepam series 80 if a battery is fitted.

The following data is only saved if a battery is fitted:
  • Max. current meter
  • Max. active power meter
  • Max. reactive power meter
  • Tripping context
  • Tripping current
  • Disturbance recording data
  • Starting current
  • Starting time
  • Alarm history
  • Date and time
  • The following data is saved whether or not a battery is fitted:
  • Calculated active power
  • Calculated reactive power
  • Number of trips (at max. phase current and max. earth current)
  • Machine temperature build-up
  • Hour counter and running hours counter
  • Total breaking current
  • Number of operations
  • Operating time
  • Reset time
  • Number of rackouts

For information: All the data contained in the cartridge is saved.
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