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Where can I find the NetBotz Advanced View installer?

Published date: 30 July 2018

Where can I find the NetBotz Advanced View installer?
Product line:
NetBotz version 2 and 3 Advanced View
To be able to configure a NetBotz appliance Advanced View is required.
Advanced View can be obtained in two locations

Advanced View installer is located on the CD that is bundled in the documentation package that is boxed with the unit.
If the CD is misplaced, Advanced View installer can also be found on the web.

For the most recent version of Advanced View can be found at

For older versions of Version 3 NetBotz appliances, Advanced view is contained in the NetBotz firmware download file found on or the product page. 

For NetBotz version 2 appliances (320, 420, and 500) Advanced View version 2.6.2 can be found here:

Please note that it is recommended that you match the version of Advanced View with the version of Botzware on the appliance. Failure to do so may cause unsuspected results and errors.

Also note that Advanced View 2.6.x has not been tested on Windows 7 or higher and may not appear correctly

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