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Residential and Small Business

Busway & Cable Management


Prima 60

Three compartment trunking system. 3 compartment PVC trunking system

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Ultra 60

Two compartment trunking system. 2 compartment PVC trunking system

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uPVC trunking systems. PVC trunking systems

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Dado trunking system. Dado trunking system

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Skirting trunking. Skirting trunking

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Bench Trunking and Trunking Units

Bench mounted power distribution units. Bench mounted trunking and power distribution units

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Bench Units

Fabricated steel & cast aluminium. Fully sealed bench units

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Desktop systems

Specifically designed for desk top use. Desktop modules, pull up towers and desk cable outlets

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Power modules

PM series and PC series modules. PM series and PC series modules

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Power Distribution units

Range of power distribution units. Range of Bespoke PDUs

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Powerpoles and powerposts

Cableline and Bespoke pole solutions. Cableline and Bespoke pole solutions

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Stainless steel and brass trim floor boxes. -

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Consolidation box

Flexible underfloor solutions. Flexible underfloor solutions

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Passage of power, data and telecommunications. Passage of power, data and telecommunications

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Flushscreed trunking

Galvanised steel flush floor trunking. Galvanised steel flush floor trunking

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Underscreed trunking

Galvanised steel under floor trunking. Galvanised steel under floor trunking

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Round and oval conduits and channelling. Round and oval conduits and channelling

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Flexible Conduits

Designed for a wide range of applications. Designed for a wide range of applications

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Mini trunking

Miniature trunking for basic installations. Miniature trunking for basic installations

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Coiled Mini trunking

Fast installation compact trunking. Fast installation compact trunking

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Switch and socket boxes

For use with standard and mini trunking. For use with standard and mini trunking

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Midi trunking

Intermediate level trunking. Intermediate level trunking

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TRK trunking

Heavy duty trunking. Heavy duty trunking

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Mesh Trays