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Power factor correction modules



Power factor correction modules
  • Features

    Power factor correction modules are the solution fully tested for panel builders. It is a prewired subassembly designed to put in power factor correction cubicles, either stand alone or inside a Main Low Voltage Switchboard. It is available with or without integrated busbar for the different electrical distribution types of network: Comfort and Harmony.

    Technical data

    Standard PFC (Comfort)
    Detuned PFC (Harmony)

    • Frequency:50 Hz
    • Network voltage:415V
    • Capacitor rated voltage:480V
    • Reactive power:25 to 100 kVAr
    • Detuned reactor tuning order (Harmony range): 3.8(190Hz)
    • Temperature class:class D (55°C)
    • Standard:IEC 60439-1, IEC 6192, EN 60439-1
    • Accessories for assembly in 650, 700 and 800mm wide cubicles
    • Circuit breaker protection option for Comfort range


    • Saving of time during assembly with  the optional busbar onnection 
    • Fixing crosspieces for installation of modules in cubicles
    • 100% tested before dispatch 
    • No maintenance during the first 5 years 
    • No corrosion thanks to the plastic envelop of the capacitors and the module
    • 15 years capacitor lifetime 
    • Improves power quality: Energy saving, CO2 saving, cost saving


    • Where power factor < 0.95 lagging
    • Where reactive power charges are appled
    • All commercial and industrial buildings
    • Industry
    • Infrastructure
    • Comfort range for systems with < 15% harmonic content
    • Harmony range for systems with > 15% harmonic contentMake savings on power factor correction