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4 wire active harmonic filter

4 wire active harmonic filter

  • Features

    By neutralising selective harmonics, SineWave eliminates nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and premature aging of equipment.

    • 20A, 30A, 45A, 60A, 90A and 120A power ratings
    • Nominal Voltage 415V 3 phase 4 wire
    • IP30, IP54 - enclosure options
    • Meets harmonic standard G5/4 -1
    • Cancels selectivel harmonics from 2nd to 25th order
    • It can also be connected in parallel, allowing future increase in power demand
    • SineWave automatically adapts to any single-phase or three-phase load


    • Reduces harmonics to meet industry standards G5/4 - 1
    • Reduces harmonic effects on equipment e.g. overheating
    • Increases system capacity by improving total power factor


    • Commercial
    • Offices
    • Banks
    • Data centres
    • Hospitals
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