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EVlink Wallbox

Charging stations for a private or shared usage indoors or outdoors

EVlink Wallbox – EVlink charging solutions for electric vehicles at home and in private or semi- public car parks. Charging stations are specially designed to withstand several hours of use on a daily basis in a tough environment.

EVlink Wallbox
  • Features

    > Suitable for outdoors use
    > Installation compliant with electrical standards
    > Aesthetic design
    The EVlink Wallbox installation is performed by an electrician who checks the electrical distribution and upgrades it if necessary according to electrical standards.

    Features: Charge control
    Simply connect the vehicle to the charging station: charging can start without specific action.
    Charging can be stopped and then restarted using the Stop/Start button.
    The charging power can be limited by any energy management device providing that this device is able to close a potential-free contact wired to the Wallbox.

    Technical characteristics:
    Charging current*: 16 A, 32 A single phase (3.7 kW,
    7.4 kW under 230 V)
    Connectivity*: T3 socket-outlet, attached cable (4 m)
    with T1or T2 connector
    Wall mounting
    Dimension: H 480 mm x W 330 mm x D170 mm
    Weight: 4.8 kg (T3), 6,4kg (with attached cable)
    Operating temperature -30°C to +50°C
    Suitable for outdoor use: IP 54 and UV-resistant,
    Tough IK 10
    Green Premium and Eco Passport certified

    * Version dependent


    Benefits for the electrician:
    Easy and fast installation:
    > Mounting and wiring in less than 30mn by a single person.
    > No commissioning

    Easy maintenance:
    > Troubleshooting information through light indications
    > Spare parts available

    Benefits for the end user:
    > Plug and charge simplicity
    > Weather and shock proof
    > Fresh, crisp looks to match


    EVlink Wallbox charging stations can be used at home (individual house or condominium), as well as in private and semi-public car parks (public covered car parks, corporate car parks, hotel …)