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    The digital economy is growing faster

    Interxion is partnering with Schneider Electric™ to lead the charge in the digital economy.

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  • Interxion The building blocks of the digital economy

    Data centers are the foundation of the digital economy, and Interxion partners with Schneider Electric to make sure that foundation is sound and their customers have what they need to succeed in a digital world.

The Challenge

• Colocation customers must build FASTER, reduce costs, and address new markets to meet the demands of the digital economy.
• Interxion must deploy secure IT infrastructure capable of supporting expanding customer requirements to keep their customers moving forward.
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Faster growth with efficient colocation solutions

"We relied upon the Schneider partnership. Not only did they find a solution to recreate a kind of kit— prefabricated data center—tailor-made, they respected this incredible time period of two months.”

- Fabrice Coquio, President of Interxion France

The Solution

Connectivity and Reliability with EcoStruxure™
  Edge Control: EcoStruxure Building Operation, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert
  Connected Products: Galaxy UPS, Symmetra UPS, Uniflair Cooling, Switchgear

• Design—Schneider helps design custom solutions that provide Interxion’s customers with the high-density availability they need to succeed in a digital marketplace.

• Installation—Working with Schneider, Interxion can execute secure, reliable installation ahead of schedule.

• Operation—Schneider continues to support operations long after installation is complete, ensuring that Interxion’s customers have ongoing, reliable access to the crucial data they need in sustainable, responsible operating environments.

The Results

Through a long-standing, successful partnership with Schneider, Interxion has been able to expand into emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East, while continuing to provide innovative solutions that up the ante for its European customers—all while keeping the environment in mind.

EcoStruxure for Cloud & Service Providers

Increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce cycle time, and manage risk throughout your business.
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