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  • Tour Majunga, a New Smart Building on La Défense Skyline

An image of Tour Majunga in La Défense, near Paris, in France
The Tour Majunga, Paris's second-tallest tower in the heart of the La Défense business district, reinvents the concept of office buildings

The backbone of a smart building is its BMS (Building Management System)

The Tour Majunga, Paris's second-tallest tower in the heart of the La Défense business district, reinvents the concept of office buildings. Its smart building management system, EcoStruxure™ Building, collects and analyzes data collected from strategically located sensors to automatically adjust temperature, lighting, and blinds based on actual real-time conditions (occupancy, sun trajectory) -- and lets tenants adjust settings right from their smartphones.
A key part of Schneider Electric’s collaboration in the creation of Majunga was the integration of its building energy management system, with EcoStruxure Building – a solution that enables the analysis and monitoring of building performance throughout its entire life cycle, bringing together control and management of the facility’s energy distribution, HVAC, lighting, blinds, and fire safety. 
To create a work environment that is both comfortable and productive, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption in the Majunga tower. 
The system connects a network of sensors (installed in strategic positions throughout the building) with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags inserted into employees’ badge holders. Anonymity is respected, with no risk to people’s safety. 
The tags transmit information to the sensors via radio, meaning that real-time occupation of each different space can be monitored. In this way, the system can use the data collected in different zones to assign spaces and make sizing calculations per real needs at any given time. It can also adjust lighting and HVAC levels to optimize energy performance. 
This technology proves to be extremely useful, for example, for improved management of meeting room reservations in large workplaces. Employees can see which rooms are available, and they can reserve them from their computer, tablet or smartphone in line with their needs, which could relate to the type of space (meeting room, cubicle) or the location (floor, zone, etc.). 
When a room is reserved at a certain time, the system can detect whether the space is occupied in the first 15 minutes; if not, it can send a cancellation email to the person that made the reservation or cancel the reservation directly. If the administrator agrees to cancel the reservation, the room automatically appears as available again on all the other users’ mobile terminals.
Furthermore, the system compares real occupancy rates with the reservations made and each room’s capacity. This provides additional information on the rooms’ real usage and occupancy, which can be of great use if it later becomes necessary to redistribute the space. 
Thanks to the information provided by EcoStruxure, it is possible to track the use of space throughout the building life cycle, some valuable data for real estate managers. 
Upon their arrival, users can connect to the Majunga tower services portal, enabling them to remotely control the rooms’ lighting, temperature, and blinds from their smartphone, thereby adjusting their workspace comfort to their own taste. The system also makes it possible to regulate the building automatically in accordance with sustainability objectives. 
The system turns off devices that are not in use, instead of setting them in stand-by mode. As an example, turning off a media player can save up to 80-90% on its total energy consumption. Thanks to the 3D modeling of the building. 
Finally, the system gives a real-time view of all the building’s consumption defined by type of use and by zone. This provides improved knowledge of the building’s performance, which in turn leads to better-informed decisions regarding energy savings and efficiency. 

See how Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operation collects and analyzes data collected from strategically located sensors.
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