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Quick smart installations
Just plug-on to connect with the fully compatible Acti9 Isobar P wire-less RCBO solution. Secure and easy to install, it makes cabling simple and frees up precious space within the distribution board. 
With all that freed-up space, you can take advantage of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ platform to plug into the IoT and gain valuable data 24/7 with PowerTag™ and SmartLink™ monitoring technology. 
The Acti9 Isobar P is also available in Standard, Split Metered, Meter Ready, Multi-Service and Heavy-Duty variants with full IP2X internal protection. It allows for split neutral cabling and a neutral phase plug-on system for quick RCBO installation. All of this comes with our full 5 year warranty.

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Acti9 Isobar P complete with MCBs, RCBOs and PowerTags

Acti9 Isobar P for quick smart installations

Install your distribution board securely and easily with an innovative plug-on neutral earth system for quick RCBO installation.
  • When we say fast, we mean it See how simple, tidy and significantly faster installations are with the new Acti9 Isobar P. We visited G&H Group of Companies in Leeds and filmed an installation with and without this new solution, and this short video shows the difference it makes.
  • What makes Acti9 Isobar the market leader? We asked some of our colleagues what they contribute to make Acti9 Isobar the market leader that it is. From engineering and manufacturing, to quality and testing, we explore the practices and methods that make Acti9 the premium solution it is today.
  • Contractor installation - Acti9 Isobar P RCBO
    Why wire when you can plug-on Gain space and free up labor resources, ensure fewer connections and less potential for cabling errors. Acti9 Isobar P Plug-on Neutral System integrates an innovative neutral phase plug-on system, which makes RCBO installations simple, tidy, and significantly faster than before. View the Isobar P range
  • PowerTag has a small footprint and is easy to install
    Get connected with EcoStruxure Plug into the IoT with EcoStruxure to gain valuable business data and insights 24/7. Our PowerTag™ sensors monitor energy consumption in real time for anything from small buildings to large facilities. While Smartlink™ centralizes control and collects energy meter data with a simple ready-to-connect communication module. Learn more on EcoStruxure


Discover the Acti9 range The Acti9 Isobar P is fully compatible with the entire Acti9 range for the simplest and most efficient power distribution solution.
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