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    Intelligent solutions for your campus

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    Creating the optimal learning environment under ever changing conditions is a challenge. From fluctuating enrollments and endowments, managing safety issues and operating with lower budgets, higher energy costs and aging equipment, universities know this better than anyone.


    • Blue Education icon The next 10 years will bring significant shifts to the delivery of education as a result of latest technology advances.
    • Blue Graph Down icon Capital and operating investments for campus factilities have fallen and remain below FY 2009 levels
    • Blue Graph up icon Costs continue to rise close to 2% each year across the nation for colleges and universities
    • General Danger icon As enrollment increases, violent attacks on-campus increase
    • Blue money icon Energy costs account for approximately half of a universities operating costs
    • Creating an Efficient Campus

      Maximize energy efficiency and security with an integrated university infrastructure.

      Learn more.
      Students talking on campus
    • Create a sustainable, high-performance university campus Learn more.
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    • Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Building Operations: A Better Approach Learn more.
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