• Technician in Data Center Server Room, data center operations.


    A computer monitor with a document that has charts and graphs, big data analytics, energy management software.

    IT as a core competency

    Mining operations have become considerably more IT-intensive. From business applications to specific production software, you need to have a reliable IT infrastructure, especially in operations that are situated in harsh environments and remote locations.
    • Solutions

      • Schneider Electric offers Enterprise Data Centers for turnkey solutions, from concept to commissioning.
      • Pre-fabricated Modular Data Centers are ideal for harsh environments. They are fully or partially built using pre-fabricated modular building blocks of standard units and dimensions. These building blocks can be in the form factor of an enclosure, or a skid-mounted solution of factory-integrated components, including hardware and software.
      • Power Plants/Cooling Plants/IT Modules and Spaces.
    • Value proposition

      Our pre-fabricated Modular Data Center enables faster deployment, reduced costs, improved scalability, and greater reliability.
    • Differentiation

      • Global pre-fabricated data center capabilities for manufacturing, engineering design, and support.
      • Extensive experience in the mining industry.
      • Full-service data center solutions provider; from rack to row, room to building.


    • Cement factory at night, cement production.
      Reliable IT infrastructure and 
      reduced costs, through our modular approach.
    • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
      Less time and manpower needed to erect and commission, and a faster start-up time.
    • Coal worker with handful of coal, mining industry, mineral processing
      Delivered ready to install.