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    • Hydro electric dam with grassland and hills, water management, energy efficiency.  

      Instrumentation Solutions

      Enable automation and advanced control with accurate measurement.

    Water leaking from a joint between two large pipes, water management.


    • Accurate, Reliable, and Secure data.
    • Leverage Big Data for business intelligence.
    • Extend the Life of assets and technology investments.
    • Adopt technology intuitive to Today's Workforce.
    • Integrate Islands of Technology to increase productivity.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric's instrumentation solutions enable the water industry to deliver secure and reliable operations, meet regulatory compliance, manage operational performance and control costs.

    • Value Proposition

      • Accurate, reliable, and secure data
      • Wireless technologies to reduce costs
      • Reliability and field configurable flexibility
      • Remote operations and management
      • Enable efficiencies and optimization with process data
    • Differentiation

      • Innovative advanced water industry specific solutions
      • Most comprehensive set of tools, technologies, and experience
      • Accurate, reliable, and secure systems
      • Reliable communications in harsh and noisy environments
      • Team experienced in Energy and Process
    Our instrumentation solutions contribute to the smart, efficient, reliable and sustainable management of your critical infrastructure.  We transform field data into accessible and actionable intelligence that is relevant to your operations and management of your utility.