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    Enabling a flexible, manageable, reliable, and efficient data center.

    Rack Power Distribution

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      White Paper #48
      Comparing Availability of Various Rack Power Redundancy Configurations

      Transfer switches and dual-path power distribution to IT equipment are used to enhance the availability of computing systems. Statistical availability analysis techniques suggest large differences in availability are expected between the various methods commonly employed. This paper examines various electrical architectures for redundancy that are implemented in today’s mission-critical environments. The availability analyses of these various scenarios are then performed and the results are presented. The analysis identifies which approach provides the best overall performance, and how alternatives compare in performance and value. Read White Paper #48
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      White Paper #27
      Efficiency and Other Benefits of 208 Volt Over 120 Volt Input for IT Equipment

      Decisions made regarding the distribution of 208V or 120V power to IT equipment can significantly impact overall efficiency of the data center. This paper explores the voltage connection options of 208 volt (V) and 120V for servers in North America and considers the efficiency implications of these choices. This same discussion applies to the use of 200V vs. 100V in Japan. Read White Paper #27
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      White Paper #43
      Dynamic Power Variations in Data Centers and Network Rooms

      The power requirement required by data centers and network rooms varies on a minute by minute basis depending on the computational load. This magnitude of this variation has grown and continues to grow dramatically with the deployment of power management technologies in servers and communication equipment. This variation gives rise to new problems relating to availability and management. Read White Paper #43
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      White Paper #29
      Rack Powering Options for High Density

      Alternatives for providing electrical power to high density racks in Data Centers and Network Rooms are explained and compared. Issues addressed include quantity of feeds, single-phase vs. three-phase, number and location of circuit breakers, overload, selection of plug types, selection of voltage, redundancy, and loss of redundancy. The need for the rack power system to adapt to changing requirements is identified and quantified. Guidelines are defined for rack power systems that can reliably deliver power to high density loads while adapting to changing needs. Read White Paper #29
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      White Paper #129
      Comparing Data Center Power Distribution Architectures

      Significant improvements in efficiency, power density, power monitoring, and reconfigurability have been achieved in data center power distribution, increasing the options available for data centers. This paper compares five power distribution approaches including panelboard distribution, field-wired PDU distribution, factory-configured PDU distribution, floor-mount modular power distribution, and modular busway, and describes their advantages and disadvantages. Guidance is provided on selecting the best approach for specific applications and constraints. Read White Paper #129
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    Rack PDU Selector

    Use the Rack PDU Selector to help you choose from our diverse rack power distribution offerings, designed to meet the needs of entry-level networking equipment and high-density server and blade environments. Rack PDU Selector

    APC Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide of APC Rack PDUs including Basic, Metered, Switched, and Metered By Outlet. APC Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) Quick Reference Guide

    Summary of the new features of the Rack PDU firmware v6.0.9 AP8000 Series Rack PDU Firmware 6.0.9

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